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There is an ever-present struggle between our desire for independence, freedom, privacy, and our need for safety.

Covid 19 has highlighted the critical inter-relationship of these elements and how changing the emphasis and weighting in any one area can have dramatic impact on all other elements.  Sheltering in place, lockdowns, isolation within our homes, care facilities and communities have revealed the need to re-think and re-consider how to reconcile these essential aspects of our well-being.

This is especially true when we are part of conversations and strategies to help our loved ones ‘Age in their Place of Choice.’  It is tempting for our need to know they are safe to overshadow their need to continue to live with as much independence, freedom, and privacy as possible.

But does it have to be a struggle?  Can safety and independence coexist?  And where does privacy fit into the equation?  Why is this so important?

According to CMHC, 85% of age 55+ plan to stay in their own home as they age. Remaining in our own home and continuing to live in our own communities contributes to our ongoing need for affiliation, and our desire to be connected. Feeling welcome and maintaining a sense of autonomy ultimately enables us to keep our dignity. Research shows that overall health improves when we feel secure in our homes, engage with our community, and enjoy a sense of belonging.

Yet, the episodic, acute, or gradual emergence of physical and cognitive challenges can interfere with our ability to age in place safely.

That is where technology can play an intermediary and collaborative role. While interpersonal connection and caregiving will always hold the primary position of support, this can be assisted greatly with creative and innovative technology.

Such is the case with the ground-breaking safety options offered through Tochtech Technologies.

Upon the recommendation of one of our valued members, Barb Kirby, we connected with the principles of the Canadian company and were impressed with their commitment to service and excellence.

Imagine a small disc under the leg of the bed that can record sleep patterns and quality of sleep, heart rate, and respiration.  All the while recording on a smartphone app the number of times your loved one got up in the night and when they returned to bed.  (This one was an award winner, folks!)

Or knobs for the stove top that activate an alarm if the element is left on for a designated period of time, and can also alert a remote caregiver’s smart phone…(another award winner!)

Then there are sensors placed throughout the home that record movement and patterns, all without the intrusion of video cameras.  Need a family member, friend, or caregiver to be alerted that a pattern has changed, or that someone has not moved from the hallway for a period of time – all handled with this technology.  And, of course, a personal remote care reminder for appointments, medication, or messages of endearment.

I am sure it is evident why we were so impressed and wanted to share this information.  And it gets better!

Not only is this affordable – Tochtech Technologies offers our Age-Friendly Business® Members, and their customers, families and friends a 25% discount!  That means you can take advantage of this as well.

Simply use the discount code AFB25 when you purchase any of these items, and enjoy this generous discount.

To learn more, view our special interview and demo with Tochtech Technologies by going to:

Or go straight to their website:

Or give these folks a call – they are happy and committed to serve you and can respond to orders in many places throughout the world.


Safety, independence, and privacy do not have to compete.  Find out how you can support your loved ones, have peace of mind, while respecting their need for dignity and autonomy.

Rhonda Latreille, MBA. CPCA

Founder & CEO

Age-Friendly Business®


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