Winter Safety Tips

Winter Landscape

Freshly falling snow and crackling fireplaces.  Pastoral winter scenes remind us of cozy restful times and yet they can also present their own unique dangers. When the weather starts to turn cold, it’s important to take some extra precautions to keep you and your family safe. Here are some winter safety tips to help you […]

Age-Friendly Universities and Why They are So Important

Lecture Hall

When most people think of universities, what initially comes to mind is young adults.  After all, this is where students go to learn and prepare for their future careers. However, as populations around the world continue to age, it is becoming increasingly important for universities to become age-friendly. This is a movement that is gaining […]

Mind Your Music

elderly couple playing guitar

When the world is so complicated, the simple gift of friendship is within all of our hands.

Mind: Chill Out Body: UV Exposure Spirit: A Helping Hand

Chill Out Summertime, and the living isn’t always easy!  We welcome that transition from the sometimes all too long cold, snowy, or rainy months.  The first sign of those warm sunny days invites us to get out, bask in the sunshine, and restore that healthy vitamin D! But when is it too much of a […]

A Difference Isn’t a Difference Until It Makes a Difference

We have all heard knowledge is power. That’s not true. If knowledge were power, everyone with an Internet connection and a library card would be living the ultimate life of their dreams.   Until knowledge is used in some way to cause a result or to impact change, it is actually pretty power-less. The alchemy, […]

It’s Not Different This Time!

Scott L Bjornson

A statement that usually turns out to be true and also the title of an article I will reference in  today’s letter. Recent downward moves in the market cause people to question their  investments and comfort level in the very short term. I have never understood how short term  negative moves trigger extreme emotions while […]