A Difference Isn’t a Difference Until It Makes a Difference

We have all heard knowledge is power. That’s not true. If knowledge were power, everyone with an Internet connection and a library card would be living the ultimate life of their dreams.   Until knowledge is used in some way to cause a result or to impact change, it is actually pretty power-less. The alchemy, […]

It’s Not Different This Time!

Scott L Bjornson

A statement that usually turns out to be true and also the title of an article I will reference in  today’s letter. Recent downward moves in the market cause people to question their  investments and comfort level in the very short term. I have never understood how short term  negative moves trigger extreme emotions while […]

Are You a Senior?

Senior on phone

Just because you qualify for a senior discount doesn’t necessarily make you a senior. This article will explore the senior and baby boomer cohorts and how those cohorts influence who we are, our values, and how we engage with each other and our world.  A cohort refers to a group of individuals who experienced the […]

Keeping Our Voice – Part 2 – Advance Care Planning

Keeping Our Voice – Part 2 – Advance Care Planning

Life Happens….Be Ready.  This compelling theme underscores the significance of our National Advance Care Planning Day held annually on April 16. When we cannot speak for ourselves – who will speak for us, and what do we want them to say? One of the greatest gifts we can give our close friends and family is […]

Tax Time Scams

tax time scams

The phone rings. You pick it up and the caller identifies himself as being from the government, contacting you on a problem with your taxes. Your heart races. You begin to wonder what could possibly be wrong? You picture investigations, fines, and trouble! All those thoughts begin to spin in your head while you try to listen […]

Keeping Our Voice – Part 1 – End of Life Planning

Butterfly on Flower

She stood at the gravesite on a cold November day in the prairies.  The memorial service for her aunt was traditional and tasteful.  The minister spoke of a life that was long lived, dedicated to education, family, and community – a life lived quietly, in the comfort and familiarity of the small farming community.  She […]

Have They Earned the Right to Ask for Your Money?

Seniors Conferencing

Professionals in the direct service business are really in the business of ‘stewardship.’  The problem is that too few know this. It is not about transactions, products or documents – it is all about taking temporary ownership over some important element of someone else’s life – whether it is an aspect of their health needs, […]

Don’t Let a Grinch Steal Your Christmas

Credit Cards

At Christmas time and throughout the holiday season, we are reminded of the joy of giving and the gratification of generosity.  Our hearts are even more open and we are mindful of those less fortunate than ourselves.  We are grateful, humbled by our relative quality of life, and we want to help.  A perfect storm […]