Bad Love

A sad elderly couple

Love and romance are important at any age.  Our need to love and be loved never leaves and can even grow as we age through later life stages.  But what about when it isn’t so good?  What about when it is hurtful and exploitative? In this article, we’ll reveal the ugly underbelly of the ‘Romance […]

Pocket Neighbourhoods-Redefining Community Living

As we navigate the later chapters of our lives, the longing for a connected community becomes even more pronounced.  This longing is fulfilled beautifully by the concept of pocket neighbourhoods, a term coined by Ross Chapin.  These intimate clusters of homes redefine retirement living, offering an enriching alternative to traditional neighbourhood designs.  They are not […]

Holidays with Heart: Overcoming Seasonal Blues

Christmas background - garland lights on grey wall

Overcoming Seasonal Blues December’s arrival usually ushers in a season sprinkled with sparkling lights, heartwarming melodies, and shared traditions. Yet, have you ever wondered why amidst these festive symbols, some of us find ourselves grappling with a shadow of loneliness or a touch of melancholy? This is particularly true for older adults who might find […]

Anatomy of the Grandparent

man getting arrested in front of car

It is back.  It is dangerous.  It is heart-breaking.  It is called the Grandparent Scam.  We have been educating and warning folks about this cruel scam for decades now.   Although we have related the details of the scam in our articles and presentations, my personal experience with this scam was only through 3rd party reports.  Until […]

Embracing and Crafting Traditions: Uniting the Past, Present, and Future


Whenever those special holidays come around, I find myself drifting into memories. Those melodies that have been passed down from generation to generation, the aroma of family meals – they all evoke an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. Have you ever paused to think why? These traditions, deeply rooted in our shared history, don’t just link […]

Heat Wave — Cool Down and Stay Safe

Sun over the Clouds

Summertime brings about a much-anticipated reprieve from the cold, snowy, or rainy seasons. We often rush to enjoy the radiant sunshine and replenish our much-needed vitamin D. However, it’s crucial to be mindful of the potential pitfalls of this joyous time, especially as our planet faces the challenges of record-breaking high temperatures. What can we […]