It’s Not Different This Time!

A statement that usually turns out to be true and also the title of an article I will reference in  today’s letter. Recent downward moves in the market cause people to question their  investments and comfort level in the very short term. I have never understood how short term  negative moves trigger extreme emotions while positive moves in the investment markets  never have the same effect. Obviously I say that a bit wryly as we all know fear is a much more  powerful emotion than greed.  

At times like this it is extremely important to have a longer term perspective and remember  most abrupt changes in the market are temporary whether extremely negative or extremely  positive, the latter being less noticed when the moves are in the right direction. Our long term  goals and strategies have not changed and portfolio construction is designed to be balanced in  expectation of times like these. We have been discussing for a better part of the last year how it is possible to see additional volatility, a market correction or simply a short term decline in  the future after seeing strong upward movements in the markets since April of 2020. This  appears to be happening to the stock market and bond investments at the same time although  we certainly didn’t predict the timing or any of the factors that have led to this other than our  expectation of interest rates moving back towards previous levels prior to Covid. That is  impossible.  

As we have seen a shift away from only Covid-19 news in the early part of this year, the  buzzword has been about inflation and then the added geopolitical risks with war in Ukraine.  More recently the buzzword has become recession which invokes an even greater degree of  negative emotions in investors. Recessions do not generally start at the snap of the finger. It  usually takes time before recessions are realized and sometimes they never do occur when  predicted. We still don’t know the outcome of rising interest rates, improving supply chains or  how the war in Ukraine will impact the economy in the short to medium term. Predictions of  an immediate and harsh recession so far are just that – predictions. Time will determine  whether we are moving in the right direction in regards to inflation but as always it will require  patience.  

The following link is to a well written article this past week by Michael Antonelli, managing  director and market strategist with Baird in the United States. It is a short read and worth the  time as it focuses on dealing with the emotional impacts of negative market movements such  as this. Respectfully, 

Scott L. Bjornson, CIM®, CFP®, FMA, FCSI®, CPCA 

Senior Investment Advisor 

A few more timely words from Warren Buffett… 

Much success can be attributed to inactivity. Most investors cannot resist the temptation to  constantly buy and sell.” / “Look at market fluctuations as your friend rather than your enemy;  profit from folly rather than participate in it.” / “Stop trying to predict the direction of the stock  market, the economy or elections.”  

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Scott L Bjornson

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